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Savannah Sheree Proctor

Savannah Sheree Proctor

 Jr. Quartermaster
Savannah Proctor was born in Washington, DC on September 27, 2000 weighing 1 lb. 12.8 ounces to her parents Yvette and Larry Proctor.  Savannah lives in White Plains, Md. and attends Dr. James Craik in Pomfret Md.  She will be attending Melwood Elementary in Clinton, Md. in the fall as a 6th grader.

Savannah started going to various race tracks with her dad at the age of 3 yrs. old, and  now at the age of 10, she was surprised on her 10th birthday with her 1st Jr. Dragster. On April 10, 2011, Savannah attended Jr. Drag Racing Class with Mr. Ron Hubble with Hubble Motorsports which he taught Savannah the basics and safety rules of racing.

 On June 5, 2011, Savannah ran her 1st race at Capitol Raceway running at 10.31 in 1/8 mile in 58.72 mph. Savannah plans to race the Jr. Dragster  until she reaches the age of 16.  Then she wants to transfer to her dad’s super pro dragster.

 Savannah is very active in school, she sings with Dr. James Craik  School’s  Chorus and she plays the Violin.  She’s been the morning announcer for school, she reads to Kindergartens occasionally and she attends Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton, MD.

Savannah helped support Career Day at her school for the Quartermaster’s Racing Team by preparing her Jr. Dragster for her presentation.

Most of all, Savannah stays inspired by being a Jr. Member of the Quartermaster’s Racing Team.

Career Fair at Fort Belvoir Elementary