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Former Jr. Quartermaster Goes Pro Bowl

Congratulations to our own Navarro Bowman a former Jr.Quartermaster on his Pro Bowl selection and his outstanting performace this year as a line backer with the 49ers. We also would like to extend our prayers for a speedy recovery


Classic Corvettes draw fans to Waldorf dealership

A classic car model provided eye candy for enthusiasts during the weekend at a Waldorf automobile dealership.

Of the seven generations in existence of Chevrolet Corvettes, models from almost every one were shown on the floor at Waldorf Chevy Cadillac on Crain Highway. Colbert Carter of Metro-Vettes Corvette Club, who organized the event, said it was to promote a book signing for “No Time to Cry” by Wilmer Cooksey Jr., a memoir about the author’s time as the Corvette plant manager.

“I thought I’d contact [the dealership] and see if they were interested in this kind of event, and they were,” Carter said. For Carter, the cars have been a longtime passion.

“I’ve been doing this since 1975,” Carter said. “My oldest brother bought one, then another, and soon three of us had them. This was my side hobby from coaching basketball.”

Carter owns a modified 2002 Z06 model, which he had on display Saturday. The torch red car also has an ostrich skin interior. Carter frequently takes his car around to shows all over, but to keep it pristine, he very rarely drives it.

Clinton resident Stan Proctor said he has owned his car, a 1961 model, for the past seven years.

“I had always wanted to own one,” Proctor said. “This one is my first. These cars will last forever. When you own something like this, all you need is a pair of pliers and a wrench to fix it.”

Proctor said along with the club he belongs to, the Quartermasters Drag Racing Club, he frequently takes his car to schools and parades throughout the community.

“I really enjoy driving it,” Proctor said. “It just fits in everywhere.”

Waldorf resident Chris Huels didn’t have one of his own cars on display but said he couldn’t help but notice the display from the highway.

“My wife and I were driving by, and I happened to notice a car in here that looks like one I own, so we stopped in,” Huels said. “I love the older ones, but I’m always a sucker for the red ones.”