Quartermasters Racing

Team Mission

The Quartermasters Racing Team Inc., of Forestville, Maryland is composed of twenty-three men. The ties that bind the members together is that they not only love drag racing, but are also committed to helping the younger generation become productive members of society.

To realize the goal of motivating children through the sport of "Drag Racing" and that it does take a whole village to raise a child, it is with great honor that the Quartermasters have become involved in numerous programs such as:

Career Day: Programs designed to encourage Prince George's County, Maryland and District of Columbia public school students to stay in school. Quartermasters speak to students about the role a quality education plays in drag racing and the positive affects it has had on the lives of its members.

Race Against Drugs: An affiliation with the National Race Against Drugs program, under the auspices of the Drug Enforcement Agency, sharing a common goal of motivating children to remain drug free. Thus they have supported our local efforts by donating booklets, pamphlets, stickers, decals, posters, etc.

Junior Dragster Racing: Working in conjunction with Capitol Raceway the Quartermasters Racing Team has established a very successful Junior Dragster Racing program. This program run from early March until August, culminating in a well attended championship race where the children won plaques, trophies, pens, and certificates. The Quartermasters look forward to another successful year of Junior Dragster racing.

National Hot Rod Association National Event Meetings: Bi-annually trips are sponsored for public school students to attend a national drag race event. The main focus is to enhance interaction between children and positive role models. These trips enable the students an opportunity to personally meet and converse with their favorite drivers and to experience the full flavor of the sport.

Quartermasters Annual Excursions: As culminating activity to the many events in which we participate during the racing season and as a means of rewarding ourselves and our loved ones, the Quartermasters sponsor an annual excursion to romantic lands and exotic islands such as the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Come relax, unwind and refresh yourself with us as you prepare for another drag racing season.