Quartermasters Racing

Jim “COGS” Matthews

My attraction with automobiles started out like most car enthusiasts. When I was a teenager I dismantled the engine from an old car one of my Uncles had in the woods behind his house.  I don’t even remember what type of car it was.  I just remember the excitement I got out of figuring out how the engine was put together and then “REVERSE ENGINEERING” the process of taking it apart. 40 years later, I still use those skills in my day job as an engineer for an Aerospace company designing parts for satellites. Today, I have traded in SOME of my wrenches for a computer that I use to design and analyze components for my “NEXT” automotive project.  Still deciding between another roadster race car or a highly modified street car to cruise around in. In the meantime, I keep busy helping other team members with their race cars when I’m not playing golf.  I build my own clubs and have designed a few custom putters’ really enjoy wiring and plumbing race cars and have started to absorb as much knowledge as I can about what I think is the next “MILESTONE” in drag racing—ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION.  I also spend endless hours behind my computer thinking of and designing that next “GOTTA HAVE” part that every race car will need in the future.

Ivan Newman


Ivan Newman with his 1971 Ford Pinto has teamed up with his long time friend and racer; Walter Gordon from Alameda, CA. Walter has purchased two 1979 Ford Mustang’s, Trick Pony and Trick Pony II. Ivan will be driving Trick Pony and Walter will be driving TPII. The Mustang’s will be kept at Ivan’s stables in Warwick, MD, where they will race predetermined high dollar races and at Walters’ favorite tracks. He will come to the east coast and they will join forces to buck the competition.

Ivan just recently won the Memorial Day Shoot Out 2010 Foot Brake Race at Colonial Beach Dragway with Trick Pony!


Linwood Morris

Linwood Morris graduated from west phila high in 1972..Purchased his first car a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, in 1973..,It wasn’t long before he started making changes to go faster. Linwood has been in the automotive industry for over 35 years..He has also been married for over 35 years. Has owned over 20 to 30 cars and trucks..He also street raced for over 25 years.And he has raced every one of them..Linwood was running nitrous and a b/m blower on his street cars in 1980....Now he travels around talking about the dangers of street racing and how It Is much safer on the race track......He gave up his racing for 6 years while his now 17 year old son raced jr dragsters,appearing in the news paper over 40 times and winning over 30 trophy's. When not racing Linwood is ,going to car shows,family picnics,automotive tech schools,automotive tech colleges,appearing in some of our state senators parade and picnics, .Now for the last 2 years Linwood has owned and raced 2 s10 trucks,and 3 dragster ..Now he is staying with a dragster..A 1990 s/w 200 inch wb sbc running  an 8.44 et in ¼ at 160 MPH.

Last year he has visted Mastbaum High School, The Navy Yard Automotive Program, The Youth Advocate School Career Day, Randolph Automotive Tech School, and the West Philadelphia High Automotive Program.

Larry Proctor

Larry was born and raised in Brandywine, MD on September 1, 1959.  Larry became interested in cars at an early age then he started building model cars at the age of 9 yrs. old.  He started building bicycles and racing guys in his town.  He started going to the drag strip in the early 70's with his uncle James E. Adams known as Dickey Adams.  The first car he had was a 69 Z-28. He ran the streets of Maryland until he broke it up. After graduating from Gwynn Park H.S., he went into the U.S. Army as a tank Mechanic. Then he retired after 22 yrs. of service as a (SFC E-7).  After retiring from the Army, he got back into drag racing with a 72 Vega then he moved up to a 95 dragster.  Larry is currently working for P.G. Public schools as a Mechanic 1.  Then he decided to join the Quartermaster's Racing Team.

Stan Proctor

Stan Proctor has maintained and raced automobile with great satisfaction and enjoyment for more than forty years. Many awards and accolades have been received over that period of time, one, being voted "Quartermaster of the Year". Currently, Stan derives great pleasure from driving his restored 1961 Fuel Injection Corvette to cruise ins and car shows. Highest on his list of priorities, is sharing his good forture with others, by way of displays, seminars, conferences and one-to-one interaction whenever he is given the opportunity to do so. He believes that automobiles and drag racing can bridge many barriers created by society.

Paul Christian

Paul Christian, better known as “Pop” was born April 2, 1954. Pop began racing at the early age of 16. He became interested while watching some older friends race their cars. He chose the ¼ mile because it was closer to where he lived and all the other guys he knew had drag cars. Pop owns a 1973 Dodge Colt. He tries to make 4 or 5 National events and a lot of smaller events in other states each year. Pop was one of the first 3 guys to make-up the QUARTERMASTERS. He was interested in racing and they were interested in him racing his car, so he joined.


John W. Jackson Jr

I was born November 11, 1947 in Upper Marlboro. My first car was a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury. I always had a passion for speed, but I guess it really came out when I brought my Road Runner to do some street racing in the early seventies. Later on, I built a 1971 Nova which I raced at Capital and MIR Raceways. After that, I purchased and rebuilt a 1972 El Camino, which I still have and run today whenever I get a chance. This year, I hope to improve my racing time and time spent at the track.