Quartermasters Racing

David Snowden, Sr.

David "Snowman" Snowden Sr. was born in Washington D.C. on February 26, 1967. He later moved to Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  At the age of five his love for cars and mechanics evolved. David took auto mechanics in high school and follow up his education at the Diesel Institution of America.  He started engineering his own car from the axel up at the age of fifteen.  He began racing a 1970 Volkswagen dubbed Kinky Green in the summer immediately following high school graduation (1986).  He's frequented many local tracks such as MIR (Maryland International Raceway), Capital, Maple Grove, 75-80,RIR, Beaver Springs, Winston Salem, Manassas, Cecil  County, and many more Dave has placed 2nd at Maple Grove, 1st place at Manassas Bug Out 61, 1st and 2nd at Beaver Springs, 3rd at Cecil County, and many more feats. Snowman is one of the newer members of Quartermasters Racing Team and is reveling the time he gets to spend with like-minded motor heads such as himself.

Layton “Tony” Jones


Tony was introduced to cars at a very young age, but did not start racing until he was 18 years old, with a 67 ford mustang that he drove on the street. He began racing at Aquasqo and 75-80 raceway, in heavy eliminator. While running his 67 mustang he began working at Performance Engineering, which was a shop that specialized in working on race cars. While working at Performance Engineering, he learned that his Mustang was much more expensive to race than a Chevrolet. He then purchased a 68 Camaro that he currently still races. He drove his 68 Camaro back and forth to work as well as to the track, to run in heavy eliminator. 

He later began running pro et, when he decided to take his camaro completely off the street and turn it into all out race car. Throughout his racing career, he has had numerous hot rods, but none could measure up to his pride and joy Camaro.

In the early 90’s, Tony began running NHRA sanctioned events in Super Street. Not to long after, he moved up from Super Street to Super gas, but eventually returned to Super Street. In addition to driving his own car he also found time to drive and tune other Super Gas cars.

Always having an interest in Stockers, in 2002 he purchased a 69 Nova that he would one day run in stock. The car was completely gutted and needed to built from the ground up. Tony and his Son after a year had turned this gutted out 69 nova into an astonishing E Stock Automatic 69 Nova, which his son began to drive. This was the start of LRJ Racing.

Today, his racing career that started with 67 mustang, has now evolved into LRJ Racing, Father(Tony) & Son (Layton) campaigning two cars, a 68 Camaro (The Chosen) and a 69 E/SA Nova.  


Frank Slater


Frank Slater was born on September 3, 1940. He retired from Potomac Electric Power Company after 34 years of service on July 1, 1998. Frank began racing at Aquasco Speedway for trophies, which he won many.

In 1970, he ordered a 1971 Dodge Demon with a 340 engine from a Chrysler dealer in Waldorf, MD. He named the car Mr. Demon and had many 1st place wins. Frank would race on his lunch hour and after winning, he would have to leave the car and the money for his son Calvin and friends to take home for him. (Aquasco Speedway and Pepco properties are joined together.)

He has owned four race cars, all of which are Mopar's. His present car is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow which was featured in the May 1995 High Performance Mopar and March 1997 cover of Bracket Racing Magazine, thanks to Francis Butler.

His grandson Delante Breen was the only family member to travel all over with Frank, since Delante was eight years old. Now he is eighteen and is driving the Arrow as straight as an arrow.

Frank has been a member of the Quartermasters for only a short time and feels that it has certainly been great! He enjoys doing activities for and with kids. He believes in keeping them "on the right track" and encouraging them to say no to drugs! This is only one of the many activities that the Quartermasters are all about.

Al Reid


Al Reid was born on May 23, 1941. He is a retired federal employee enjoying all that life have to offer. Al started racing at the young age of 16. His initial interest began because of his love of automobiles and their workings. He chose the 1/4 mile because of the competition of two cars. Al owns one race car that bared his birth sign "Gemini" as its name. Al travels frequently with the club, assisting friends and other members whenever he can. This past year he made anywhere from 20-25 local, national and international events. Al found the Quartermasters through former club members and friends. He join the club to stay active and involved in the sport of drag racing. One of his major contributions to the club is his willingness and ability to cook at club events. He is also, available whenever the community call for support in school functions and parades.

John " Mr. Beans" Douglas


John’s love for racing started in 1968 with a 450 Honda motorcycle.  He then owned and raced several other vehicles:  Mercury Comet, Chevy Impala and a Mustang.  He currently owns a Cressman dragster (Mr. Beans and Son).  This high tech dragster goes 7 seconds in the quarter mile.  His grandson (John Jr.) sits in the driver’s seat majority of the season but Mr. Beans still gets behind the wheel and shows off his skills from time-to-time.  Both have been the recipient/winner of trophies, certificates and monetary awards throughout the racing season.  They constantly thank God for watching over them as they travel and participate in such a thrilling sport. 


John resides in Brandywine, Maryland.  He is widowed and has five children, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  Everyone in the family is a part of his racing endeavors in one way or another and is very supportive of his hobby.  His grandchildren and great-grandchildren are the “apples of his eyes” and keep him on the go.  


John has been an active member of the Quartermasters since 1998.  He enjoys the activities the Quartermasters participate in throughout the community but is most thankful for the friendships he has developed with each member.

Ron Waters



Cars, trucks, and trains have been an interest to me from an early age.  The sound of a motor did then, and still does today get my attention. In the late 60’s the cars were hot and everybody I knew was going to the drag strip.  Some of the older guys in theneighborhood took me and some of the other young “wannabe’s” to the drag strip and that’s all it took for me to get hook.  While overseas in the early 70’s (England), I met some other guys who were also drag racing; hooked up with them and it felt better than before, but something was still missing.  When my family and I returned stateside in 1975 my Dad had a 1973 Dodge Dart that he hated, and that was my way in.  I purchased the Dart from my father and started cruising around in my Dart. Changed a few parts, and on a regular basis started street racing anywhere I could.  Over time responsibilities lead me to bracket racing at the local tracks where safety was and still is important. 

I also attended several National events (NHRA, IHRA) as a spectator, with a question in my mind…how could I fit in at a National Event?  In answering that question, I have been competing in the 10.90 Heads-Up Class of IHRA and NHRA since the late 80’s. 

There’s no question I love drag racing, and still today the sound of a motor, be it a car, truck, or train motor, still excites me like it did when I was a kid.

Ron Waters,

1973 Dodge Dart Swinger